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Curious gentoo penguins approach Parsons while he submerges a camera while capturing underwater video in Neko Harbor in Andvord Bay along the Antarctica peninsula.

An avid traveler, Parsons is a Colorado native and outdoor enthusiast usually photographing while trail running, mountain biking, skiing, hiking or just exploring old and new places. He photographs of a wide array of subjects including the environment, travel, energy production and wildlife. His photos and videos are used in print, internet and television daily, throughout the world. Recently, PBS used Dave's Marshall Fire footage in their 2023 Dynamic Planet series, Episode 2 - Fire. PBS Nova and Nature have also recently used brief video clips as well as DW, Vice News, CNBC, CBS Saturday Morning (in their "Secrets of Lightning" episode) and Saturday Night Live used a one of Dave's beaver photos in one of their skits. The power company Xcel even used his close  up video of a rattlesnake rattling in one of their commercials.

Parsons also writes about many of his wildlife encounters and adventures and occasionally illustrates his stories as well.

Read about his wildlife encounters or wander through Dave's dramatic photos of Colorado lightning, diverse wildlife and other photos from around the world in his stock photography portfolios. Purchase stock photos directly through iStock and Getty Images. For more information:
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Photo on the home page: South of Farmington New Mexico, Parsons hikes and explores the Bisti De-Na-Zin Wilderness badlands of weathered sandstone hoodoos, petrified trees and eroded Cretaceous landscape that was once a coastal swamp and forest 70 million years ago.


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