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A Colorado native and passionate traveler, Dave has been taking photos since he was a kid in the 1980s starting with a Kodak 110 film camera and then soon after with a Pentax K1000, 35mm camera. While photographing for the Arapahoe High School newspaper and yearbook, he developed an interest in photographing lightning storms and wildlife. Receiving yearly scholarships, Parsons took additional photography and television production classes, graduating from the University of Colorado at Denver, advancing his career into broadcast video, medium and large format photography. He continued to shoot photos and video throughout a long career working in the .gov, .com and .org internet landscape while winning numerous photography awards along the way.

Sitting in the open door of a helicopter, photographer Dave Parsons holds a broadcast video camera after a morning of shooting aerial footage of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. Photo by Warren Gretz

In the days before drones, photographer Dave Parsons sits in the open door of a helicopter during a morning of shooting aerial footage at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado.
Today, Parsons photographs a wide array of subjects including the environment, travel, energy production and wildlife. His photos and videos are used in print, internet and television daily, throughout the world.

Read about his wildlife encounters or wander through Dave's dramatic photos of Colorado lightning, diverse wildlife and other photos from around the world in his stock photography portfolios. Purchase stock photos directly through iStock and Getty Images.  Also, travel through history to see Dave's early family members and visit early Colorado.

Contact: daveatdaveparsonsdotcom

Home and About Page Photos:

The photographs on the home page are a stone cliff in Utah, lightning strikes over the Front Range mountains outside Denver, Colorado; a forest fire in the Colorado mountains; a wild mountain lion in a cottonwood tree in Morrison, Colorado; polar bears in Manitoba, Canada; a Baobob tree at sunset in Tanzania, the 'Ghost Panel' in Horseshoe Canyon, Utah; wild wolves in Yellowstone and downtown Denver, Colorado at sunrise. The background image is the lush forest in Bridford Wood National Trust in southwest England's Dartmoor National Park.

The background photo on the About page are the huge Arctowski Peninsula mountains and glaciers near Orne Harbor on the Antarctic Peninsula above the Gerlache Strait and Danco Coast in Antarctica.


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