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James T. Parsons and Margaret Watt - Boston, Mass.


May 15, 1932 "Jimmie and I"
Jim 19 years old and Peg 16 years old.
They were married five years later on July 2, 1937.

at the beach

July 12, 1936 - At Silver Beach, Mass

at the cabin

1937 Certificate of Marriage

at the cabin

1937 Guest Signatures (5.5 x 7 in. booklet)

Jim all dressed up

James Taylor Parsons - June 23, 1935
Born in 14 May, 1913 in Chelsea, MA

Peg looking sharp.

Margaret Linton Watt Parsons - June 23, 1935
Born 16 January 1916 inWinthrop MA
Died 28 June, 1999 in Everett, MA
She is buried in the Woodlawn
Cemetery, Everett, Ma.

64 Howard St.
Revere, Mass
June 30, 1933

Dear Peg,

I suppose this letter will reach you my Monday but I guess that will be alright, seeing as I can’t wait for you to write first but maybe you will be the first one to write, well anyway if you are, I apologize.

I hope you can read the writing. Well if can’t it is just too bad. There’s not very much sense to it anyway and you won’t be missing very much. I have gotten to the place now where I will have to pause and think of what to say, but it is easy enough – just talk about nothing. Now, nothing plus nothing is equal to nothing, some people say that there’s nothing in nothing. Well let it go at that.

Say! I was down to your house tonight and guess what – you weren’t home, say, what’s the idea giving me a ride. Oh! Pardon me madam. I forgot you were down to the Cape.

Well, I hope your having a good hot time look out for those fingers, at Silver Beach, but I heard down at your house tonight that it wasn’t such a large place, just the same, have a good time and forget about Jimmy and see what Tom, Dick & Harry are like.

Tom came up to my house last night. Al is only going to be gone three days – lucky him, well anyways to get on with the story, Tom & I went down to the farms last night shooting rats, we got ten of them – five each. Tom has it worse that I have, last night he couldn’t keep still one minute, but tonight we say he couldn’t keep still sixty seconds.

Gee Peg, it just seems as though I am talking in circles – that’s all – but it’s filling in space and I don’t feel like sleeping even though it is twelve o’clock. If you can’t read this writing just say so and I will do something about it, as I am first laying in bed here scribbling it off as it comes into my mine – if I have one.

Well, I guess that I will have to close as I can’t think of anything more to say that sounds foolish except – I love you.

Your Jimmie
P.S. I could just barely read it myself Just one X, maybe two X


Jim, June 23, 1935
at the cabin

At the cabin June, 1934

receipt 1942

1-3-1942 - Schwinn receipt
bicycle guarantee

1942 - Schwinn guarantee

her bike

1941 Receipt for "ladies bicycle."

cool bike!

1942 - Jim's new Schwinn (click photos for larger versions)
ready to go!

1942- Peg's new bike

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