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Newfoundland - Clown's Cove - Freshwater/Carbonear

now and then

1929 (photograph by my great grandmother) and 2006 photos. Maiden Island in the center. Carbonear Island is on the left horizon and on the right horizon is Mosquito Point. The buildings belonged to W. J. Moores - the one on the left is a coal shed and other was their fish store.

old docks

1929 and 2006 photos. Looking south-west at the main wharf with fish stages. Bundles or piles of fish are stacked in the foreground of the photo. Freshwater Newfoundland.

Clown's Cove

1929 and 2006 photos. Clown's Cove Newfoundland. The steep hills are north of the cove and have a path running up to the "Flat Rock.".

Clown's Cove clown

Where's the clown in Clown's Cove Newfoundland? It's in the rock face of "Flat Rock."

pesky gulls!

A seagull harasses a bald eagle off the shore of Freshwater/Carbonear.

hard working

Fishermen "squidden'" of the coast of Freshwater/Carbonear.

More Newfoundland Photos!

schooner riding light
1888 St. John's Mercury ad

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