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Platte Canyon - William Henry Jackson - Then and Now

No train tracks, just water and walls

Taken from a lower angle, today's photograph shows little change in the rock faces from over a hundred years ago as seen from Jackson's photograph on the right.

A kayak replaces a train

William Henry Jackson photographed the canyon's spires in the 1880's. On the left is as it looks today in spring of 2004. The Strontia Spring Dam has flooded much of the high walled canyon areas.

Dome Rock towers above the Platte River

To the left of Jackson's original photo location, trees and an old homestead obscure the original 1880's view. Other than the missing railroad bed, not much has changed.
Cathedral Spires

The railroad grade has been widened, but the overall appearance of Jackson's Cathedral Spires have changed little. The area is still popular, as many visitors try their luck at fishing, or just enjoy picnicing next to the cool waters.

Arch Rock westof Crossons

Mother nature has reclaimed much of the area around Arch Rock. Jackson's photo above shows many of the cut trees and the old water tower on Deer Creek. Today, some of the old bridge remains next to Deer Creek as well as mine tailings.

South of Roxborough

A few miles south of the mouth of the Platte River canyon, scrub oak has taken over the area Jackson took his original photo, however, the red rocks remain unchanged.

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