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Bertha Davis and James T. Parsons Sr. and Jr.

James Parsons U.S. Citizen 1902

James T. Parsons formerly of Newfoundland
becomes a U.S. Citizen in 1902.
James Parsons U.S. Citizen 1902

James T. Parsons, his brothers and his father, Nicholas came to the U.S.
in 1899 according to the census taken in 1900.

James and Bertha in the 1940's.

Bertha Davis Parsons and her son James T. Parsons.

Bertha and baby (grandson?)- 1920's.


Bertha and her daughter, Lavinia 1925.

Bertha and her son Ray - graduation photo 1925

1901 Marriage Certificate

1907 - Ray and Livinia Parsons


Bertha Davis Parsons behind the tree.

Bertha Davis.

1901 Marriage Certificate

1901 Marriage of Bertha and James.
(Click the image for a life size version)

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