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Parsons & Davis Families in Newfoundland

The Parsons were "planters" or "resident boatkeepers" listed in Sir John Berry's Census of 1675 with having 1 boat and 1 stage and living in Clown's Cove. Today, nothing material remains in Clown's Cove of the Parsons except a road with a street sign named "Parsons Lane" (Parsons grave stones still stand in Carbonear). However, on the Davis side of the family, which arrived in the area in the early 1700's, an early home still remains.

The Davis House (Built around 1850 by Eli Davis, my great, great grandfather (his son William Davis is my great grandfather. His brother John Hayward Davis once lived in the Davis House)) is similar to the rectangular homes in the photo below and is a Registered Heritage Structure of Canada and has been restored by the current owners and the Newfoundland Historic Trust. The homes in the photo below sit just north of the Davis House in Clown's cove.

See what Clown's Cove looks like in 2006!

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rocky hilly terrain

The photo is taken close to where the Davis family lived in Clown's Cove Newfoundland. The steep hills are north of the cove and have a path running up to the "Flat Rocks." The little pond below the homes would dry up during the summer months. Fish tie ups are on the right of the photo along the shore behind more homes. See the area looks like today!
fence down to the shed

This photo is looking south towards Maiden or Maidenaire Island. Carbonear Island is on the left horizon and on the right horizon is Mosquito Point. The buildings belonged to W. J. Moores - the one on the left is a coal shed and other was their fish store. The rock in the center of the photo still remains to this day.

barrells on the dock

Looking south-west at the main wharf with fish stages. Bundles or piles of fish are stacked in the foreground of the photo.
little fence arouns a plot

Cemetary south of the Clown's cove where the Davis family is burried.

Bertha Davis

Bertha Davis Parsons visiting her homeland at Clown's Cove.
Jim visiting as a teenager

James T. Parsons Jr.
visiting the Davis family.

Old church with rocky hills

Historic church at Clown's Cove with a fisherman's boat in the foreground.

Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas Nichole Parsons - Born - 27 February, 1845 in Freshwater, Newfoundland
Carbonear Medhodist Baptism - 31 December,1845. Died - 6 May, 1905, in Chelsea, Mass.

Nicholas Parsons
James T. Parsons Sr. (left) and Nicholas Nichole Parsons - son and father. The "X" was made above Nicholas by the artist marking the person to make the drawing of.

Parsons and Davis

James T. Parsons Sr
. and Bertha Davis Parsons.
James Parsons - Born 25 June, 1877 in Freshwater Newfoundland.
Christened 22 May 1878 in Freashwater. Died 14 March 1957
in Revere Mass. (Woodlawn Cemetary, Evertt, MA (Middlesex) P625)
Married 29 April, 1901
Bertha Davis - Born 2 December 1878 in Freshwater Newfoundland.
Died 13 February 1948 in Revere Mass.
(Woodlawn Cemetary, Evertt, MA (Middlesex))

Parsons and Davis

lantern slide
A lantern slide dating from about 1901 showing the washing and salting of cod in St. John's harbor. Notice the spruce bough platform on the left used for drying.

The Parsons were "planters" or fishermen listed in Sir John Berry's Census of 1675 with having 1 boat and 1 stage and living in Clown's Cove.

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