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Otsego Wisconsin - Hurelle and Mathews

Elmer Hurelle
Elmer Joseph Hurelle
b: 12-25-1887
d: 07-15-1971
Katie Idella Mathews Hurelle
Katie Idella Mathews Hurelle
b: 11-21-1879
d: 11-25-1973
Elmer and Della togther

Elmer and Della married November 17, 1908

marriage documentation

At Fall River, Wisconsin, Elmer and Della were married.

Lucky Boy
Visit the Family Farm!
watermelon days
Willard, Claude, Walter, and Elmer in 1925

Hurelle grave
Joseph Hurelle b: 6-28-1835 d: 01-17-1917
Elizabeth (Eliza) Stanton Hurelle b:1845 d:1920
Otsego cemetary

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