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Mathews in Otsego, Wisconsin

School records found at the Fort Winnebago school house. Click the images below for a larger image.

Joseph appointed director

Joseph appointed Board Director of the Joint School District No.1 of the towns of Otsego and Hampden, July 1, 1889

School vote

New school vote in 1890 - The new school location is in the Otsego Township, Section 35 in the map below
Joseph Ward Mathews

Joseph Ward Mathews
b: 03-17-1833
d: 05-10-1906
Otsego Cemetary
Mathews' pair
Katie Idella (Della) Mathews (left)
b: 11-21-1879
d: 11-25-1973

Josephine Catherine Pease Mathews
b: 07-10-1836
d: 01-08-1918

Mathews' house

Mathews' house around 1910.

Mathews' house

Mathews' house around 2002? - it's in the right place- see below.

Mathews' house

At the Mathews' house around 1910. Elmer and Della with their first son Walter, Joseph Mathers' sister Charlotte Mathews Copeland (journal) and Della's grandmother.

Mathews land

Old barn on or Near Joseph Mathews land grant today
Mathews land title

1848 Mathews land title
Click the image for larger document
Otsego Township T10N R12E

The Arrow points to the Mathews land.
Columbus Township T10N R12E
Section 6 - 80 Acres (in light colored rectange)
West half of north east quarter

Otsego land

Old silo on or near title location
Road to Mathews

Road to Mathews

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