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Journal of Charlotte Mathews Copeland 1903

Charlotte is the sister of Joseph Ward Mathews who was B: March 17, 1833 in Ithica, Tompkins County New York. D: May 10, 1906. Grave in Otsego WI. Served in the Grand Army of the Republic (North) during the Civil War 1861-1865. Board Director of the Joint School District No.1 of the towns of Otsego & Hamden from July 1, 1889 to July, 1892. Help vote in new school - vote 8-4-1890). On March 1, 1848 Joseph Mathews acquired 80 acres in Portage County, Wisconsin Territory

The journal measures 6.25 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall an .5 inch wide

journal cover

The journal first started as an account book with entries from April, 1843 and 1845 by Garrett N. Hanson, his daughter Charlotte Hanson in 1857 and years later by Charlotte Mathews Copeland
Charlotte's old journal

January 1, 1903 - the first entry in her journal describing life in rural Wisconsin. View a partial text version of the journal. The book is filled with daily accounts, news paper clippings, prayers, and lists.

account book 1843

The first page of the book is titled "Garrett N. Hanson's Acct Book April 1843" and follows with Charlotte's pages written over fifty years later in 1903.
Road to Mathews

In 1857, after Garretts death, the daughter also named Charlotte, lists her father's accounts within the journal's pages and lists Joseph Mathews as receiving $10.00.

1904 stove ad

May 11, 1904 - Northwestern Christian Advocate newspaper clipping in Charlotte's Journal advertising the "most wonderful stove ever invented."

1904 stove ad

June 27, 1845 - An interesting view into an early american library accounted for by Garrett N. Hanson - a neighbor of the Mathews - which happens to be in the middle of Charlotte's 1903 journal.

old flattened leaves

Old dried leaves that remained flattened in the pages of the journal

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