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St. John's Harbour in the early 1900's (Ayre & Sons Ltd. photo) and in July, 2006.

steep cliffs

Sheltered waters at Quidi Vidi Harbour, Newfoundland.

look out over the sea

An Atlantic puffin sits near its nesting burrow and looks out over the waters off the coast of Elliston, Newfoundland.

gray skies

Flowers in bloom as a misty fog rolls towards the homes of Freshwater-Carbonear, Newfoundland.

view from above

Looking down to the "narrows" of St. John's from Cabot Tower..

yellows and reds

Colorful native artwork below homes perched on steep streets in St. John's.

Cleaned church

Sea water rolls off the tail of a humpback whale in the waters of Witless Bay - south of St. John's.

Trio of burrowing birds

Elliston's burrowing Atlantic puffins.

red and blue boats

Boats docked at the Ferryland Harbor.

red and blue boats

Breeching whale off the coast
of Cape Spear.

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schooner riding light 1888 St. John's Mercury ad

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